"Let's Ball" App Proposal


Demonstrates the goal for my app proposal in a concise manner.

Project Overview:

This project of mine is a developed planning proposal for an socializing app aimed to facilitate the communication between sports lovers by helping them arrange sports games.


Inspiration and reason behind the idea.

Design Idea and Brainstorming

As I began with the making of the prosal, the conduct of researching and brainstorming is essential to interpret the exact needs based on actual interview, analysis and feedback.

I am glad I have got the chance to interview four of my classmates.


User Researching with focus and guided questions.


Storyboard for the needs of solution and individual user analysis.

Persona and Analysis:

Highschoolers who attend basketball training and has time for a basketball passion as habbit is a suitable targeted user.


Explore into details of persona and identify working direction.


Market analysis with comparison to similar functions and design a user flow structure.

Developing the Design

Details is what contributes to success and usability. Flow of use is clearly organized, carefully elaborated and connected based on testing and imaginative scenarios mimicing reality.


Prototype wireframe sketches with development and then specify and organize the user flow.

Designing and Rendering for Completion

Continue developing on the sketches for final design, and adding advertising elements to be more professional.


Completed proposal with vibrant color palette, symbolizing energy and youth, and meorizable logo.


Presentation with rendered designs, comparable to industry-made apps.

Portfolio Spring 2023 of Haotian Wang at Parsons The New School
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