Logo Proposal for "DaLeZhuang"

text logo design

Project Overview:

This is an individual graphic proposal project targeted to create a logo/brand design for DaLeZhuang Company大乐装's newly developed digital platform "The Factory Manager构件厂管家".

The proposal is composed of two parts of design tasks, one is to design a graphic logo with variations, and another one is to design a font/text logo.

Figma screenshot

Above is the general screenshot of my project's working space on Figma.

Design Process and Analysis:

Inspirations and development of the project are well documented and presented in this proposal planning.

I am gladly inspired and learnt from a variety of successful and professional graphic design plannings and come up with my own proposal, which composes of how I engage with visual analysis, comparisons and contrasts, detailed geometrical inspirations and experimentations, and more.

Spacing Analysis

Above is the spacing and sizing reference analysis of the text logo proposal.

Font Analysis

Above is the font and style comparison analysis of the text logo proposal.

Design Process

Above(2pics) is the detailed design processes of how I come up with the two graphic logo variations.

Design Variations

Above(6pics) is the in-depth variations based upon of one of the initial vairations.

Visual Mock Up:

As I finalized the designs, I decided to render the logos for better visual references and more realistic applications for the client.

Rendered Effect

Above(7pics) is the rendered visual effect of applying to graphic logo design and text logo design to actual practice.

Portfolio Spring 2023 of Haotian Wang at Parsons The New School
To learn more or simply reach out, please contact me at "haotianwang215@gmail.com"