"PlayRight" App Proposal

Rendering/Design Proposal


Project Overview:

This project is a developing planning proposal for an gamer-friendly socializing app aimed to improve users' exprience on finding other matching teammates.


Different sets of logo design iterations inspired by gaming controllers.

Design Idea and Brainstorming

As my and I began with the making process, we conducted concept researching and brainstorming which is essential to consolidate our idea.

We were able to decide on narrowing the function scope into the major and the most important direction, excluding the "gamer-dating" idea and focus on the "gamer-matching" idea, thanks to peer and tutor feedback.


The low-fidelity drawing sketch for UX UI brainstorming.


Hand-drawn cartoony storyboard illustrating gamer's need for better teammate.

Analysis and Interview

Four independent interviews were conducted, targeting four gamers, in order to


Analysis on concerning questions and similar apps.


Interview conducted with targeted questions, answers are unshown for interviewee privacy.

Usability Testing

Details is what contributes to success and usability. Flow of use is clearly organized, carefully elaborated and connected based on testing and imaginative scenarios mimicing reality.


Screenshot of the mid-fidelity interactive wireframe design using Figma and Figjam


Interactive mid-fidelity wireframes navigation-flow for "gamer review system" feature of the app.

Higher Fidelity Designs

After developing and finalizing the layout, user flow and UX, content and function scope, it is time for me to design and sketchout the 2nd version/high fidelity rendering.


Screenshot of the higher-fidelity designs

Better and Final Fidelity Deliverables

I was not quite satisfied with the above "Higher Fidelity Designs" as I found it too be less vibrant and trendy for young user targets, so I designed an improved version which was selected to be the final interface designs.


Screenshot of the final-fidelity designs

Portfolio Spring 2023 of Haotian Wang at Parsons The New School
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