Mondrian's Maze

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Project Overview:

This is a developed project based from my art concept ideation "Mondrian Inspiration" a while ago when I was experimenting how to transform famous 2D painting by Piet Mondrian into something more tangible and interactive in 3D.

As I was learning the basics of Unity 3D at Parsons, I figured making an interactive game with virtual perception would be the perfect way of rendering my initialy vague idea.


"Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow" by Piet Mondrian.

Design Idea and Brainstorming

After researching and brainstorming, I was inspired by Mazes and labyrinths, and the gameplay mechanism behind famous game Minecraft. I am aiming at the direction of building a maze with player set at first person view, along with a free-looking and free-walking mechanism.

First person POV allows players to be fully immersed and interactive mechanisms allow players to explore the virtual world I created. Let us explore the world of an Art comes true!


Brainstorming sketch during concept and idea stage

Spacing Analysis

Combine various ideas: interaction of playing maze/labyrinth, Minecraft POV with my initial 3D proposal.

Making Process and Experimentation:

As I finalized the designs, I am moving on to create and produce using Maya and Unity3D for initial iteration.

Adjusting scaling, sizing, and colors of the scene was crucial to the finished effect of how good it may look and to properly tune the specs for walking and first person looking mechanism. It is also important for me to focus on recreating the style of Mondrian art.

Rendered Effect

Above is screenshot for adjusting and improving the scenary design for better playing experience.

Improving the Design

Since the game experience is based on first person perspective from the ground level view and the sourrounding blocks look huge and overwhelming, it is less visually impressive for the player to feel when comparing to how we look at the original art.

The scene with twisted city from movie "Inception" became the direct inpiration of mine and I decided to improve the map scene by design in a similar way.


Insipred from movie scene(screenshot) of "Inception" compared to my scene design.

Delivering and Play

As of now, the game has been uploaded with online host and is avaible to be played! Feel free to check out"Mondrian's Maze".


You should see something like this for UnityPlay function.

Portfolio Spring 2023 of Haotian Wang at Parsons The New School
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